The Dating Handbook

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Most men are WASTING huge amounts of time, money and stress on dates but they don’t have to! Based on cutting-edge research on female sexuality, “The WASM Dating Handbook” will help you quickly navigate the dating minefield and skip right to the good stuff!


Our new Q/A style handbook has the answers to all the most important questions you have about what to do before, during and after every date. Inside you’ll learn:

  • Who should pay for any date? (This answer will save you money AND avoid all the PC bullshit)
  • How do you know if she’s interested in you? (Most guys never learn this secret)
  • When should you kiss your date? (Almost all rom-com movies get this one wrong)
  • How much $$ should you spend on your first date? (Hint: It’s WAY less than most guys think)
  • Where should you NEVER go on a first date? (If you make this mistake, you won’t get Date #2)
  • How do you get over your fear of rejection? (Arguably THE most valuable answer in the book)
  • PLUS dozens more critical questions you need answered!

Filled with the very best tips, techniques and philosophy, our new handbook is your one-stop shop for dating mastery. If you’re ready to get sex and success with amazing women - and get them FAST - then you need “The WASM Dating Handbook”!

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