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Once you’ve mastered Sexual Magnetism and you’re ready to start dating stunning women, The WASM Dating Handbook is guaranteed to give you dating secrets that will elevate you from noob to pro in just a few short weeks. And if you need hands-on techniques, you need Secrets of Sensual Massage! It’s time to teach your fingers to become instruments of female fulfillment and become more addictive to her than a room full of dark chocolate!

Sexual Magnetism

  • Do you want a lot more sex than you’re currently getting? 
  • Do you keep getting ghosted by women? 
  • Do you regularly get rejected by your partner, no matter what you do to make her happy? 

If this is you, don’t worry - you’re not alone and it’s not your fault! The problem is that, like so many of us, you never received the female education you should have gotten from the men in your life. This is the reason why Matt and I wrote Sexual Magnetism

After years of study, we found you need two things to be sexually attractive to women: 1) You must understand a woman’s inherent genetic needs, and 2) You must demonstrate to her that you can fulfill those needs. And the best part is that any guy can do this! Because of the way a woman is hardwired, it doesn’t matter if you’re short, ugly, poor, old or fat - If you can understand her biology, you can satisfy her desires! 

No matter how long it’s been since you’ve had sex, no matter how much failure you’ve had with women, the science of Sexual Magnetism will help transform your sex life - and your relationship - into a thrilling and deeply satisfying adventure.

Filled with cutting-edge research on the biology of male and female sexuality, “Sexual Magnetism” will walk you through the steps of what a man should ALWAYS do to attract women, and what a man should NEVER do. Whether you’re a single guy, in a long-term relationship or you’re a married man, this book was written to guarantee you are sexually desirable to women!

The Dating Handbook

This brand-new book is your best one-stop shop for dating success! Our Q/A style handbook answers all the most important questions you have about what to do before, during and after every date. In it you’ll learn:

  • Who should pay for any date? (This answer will save you money AND avoid all the PC bullshit)
  • How do you know if she’s interested in you? (Most guys never learn this secret)
  • When should you kiss your date? (Almost all rom-com movies get this one wrong)
  • How much $$ should you spend on your first date? (Hint: It’s WAY less than most guys think)
  • Where should you NEVER go on a first date? (If you make this mistake, you won’t get Date #2)
  • How do you get over your fear of rejection? (Arguably THE most valuable answer in the book)
  • PLUS dozens more critical questions you need answered!

If you’re ready to save hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and countless headaches, if you want the very best tools and techniques to navigate the minefield of dating, if your goal is to successfully blow women’s minds, you need this book!

Secrets of Sensual Massage

Are you ready to blow her mind in bed? Then this is the book for you!

In his 13 years as a professional massage therapist, Jay has never given a “happy ending” massage...at least never at work! Jay quickly learned that the same massage skills he uses at the spa are equally applicable to beautiful women he’s dating. The difference is when he’s at home he can also use dozens of X-rated techniques that are illegal in every spa in the country!

In our new book “Secrets of Sensual Massage” Jay is going to pull back the curtain on this incredible - and neglected - skill. First he’ll teach you his PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE secrets. You’ll learn how to take her from tense and stressed to purring like a kitten. Then you’ll learn his PERSONAL SENSUAL MASSAGE techniques that are guaranteed to have her dripping wet. Finally he’s going to show you step-by-step how to drive your woman so crazy she’ll be literally begging you for sex. 

If you’re finally ready to rock her world and make sure she NEVER forgets you, now is the time to learn the “Secrets of Sensual Massage”

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